Devaka At Sunset

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Lovers in Tantric Union

Maui Tantra

Many people report amazing levels of transformation in multiple areas of their lives after learning Maui Tantra teachings.

Maui Tantra Transformations

Maui Tantra teachings have also been reported to increase libido and enhancement of sexual enjoyment. Often the first sign that the energy alignment has started working is a change in the physical appearance of the face – skin may glow, eyes may be brighter or even sparkling. Many people begin to radiate youthful beauty, vitality and vigor. Sadness and fatigue seem to disappear. After learning Maui Tantra, sleep is often more deep and satisfying and there is an increase in energy during the waking hours that continues to improve over time.

Maui Tantra Is For Both Men And Women

After a Maui Tantra instruction, men commonly exhibit improved performance and stamina that allows them to offer greater fulfillment to themselves and their partners. Women often report increased ability to experience orgasm as well as relief from menstrual and menopausal dysfunction from Maui Tantra lessons.


You’ll Love Maui Tantra!

Star-Crossed Lovers Tantric Union

Romantic Getaways

sacred sexuality Imagine an Exotic first, second or third Honeymoon together in a Breathtaking Tropical Paradise…

Explore the more sacred side of each other.

Delve into the Mysteries of Intimacy, Sensuality, Dreams… and Radiant Health!

Take that much needed break from your quotidienne existence to experience the pleasure the two of you once shared but perhaps had long forgotten could be possible…
Come to Maui ~ where migrating mammals winter in the warm water channels between the Hawaiian Islands; while off-shore fellow whales compete for their mates, birth their young, and exuburantly breach their 40+ ton bodies out from the depths of blue seas.
Maui offers Personal Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit with your Beloved near the world’s best secluded beaches.
Select a Private Entrance Oceanvw Suite in our Temple; or 2 BR/2 BA Beach Villa.

Coconut/Smoothie breakfasts with daily beachwalks, swims with turtles (possibly dolphins), lazy afternoon naps on warm sandy beaches, campfires, candy-colored sunsets, moonrises, star-filled heavens and fabulous musical nights.
A revolutionary opportunity to create the life you dream of together.Can you imagine a safe space in which you can relax and completely surrender to the creation of a healthy, vibrant new life?
Harmonize your thoughts, emotions and dietsEat healthy, sumptious island style food, get fullbody EssensualTouch massages or learn how to upgrade your erotic massage exchanges w/your partner.

Other life skills include intimacy coaching, shamanic journeys, meditation and communication skills. Learn how to de-fuse an argument, be “heard” by your partner, and have your needs met by learning Compassionate Communication-NVC.
Some couples learn Yoga, others Shiatsu, Reiki, LomiLomi, or Thai Massage. Some learn their Ayurvedic body type for better food choices. Some go to Luaus or Heiaus (temples) dabbling in the relics of Hawaiiana. Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, WhaleSailing (in season), Surfing, Kayaking, Kiteboarding, WindSurfing, Golf, Tennis, NiteClubbing, Trinket Shopping, Beachcombing, SunBathing, Fish Grilling, Dolphin Poddies or just do your own thing.
On Sundays we Go Native! Neo-Tribal FireDancing Ritual Drum Circle on the clothing optional beach at sunset…What a memorable experience that is! The perfect and unique way to celebrate your new life together- travel and adventure as well as private time, coaching…and lots of yummy massage.
Contact us for more info- (808) 891-2700



Shared Values

Deeper Intimacy

Communication Skills

Mutual Goals

Vibrant Dreams

New Life Plans

Robust Health and Vitality

New Food and Eating Strategies

Options include:

Tantric Initiations

Wedding Ceremonies

Vow Renewals

Shamanic Initiations

Fasting and Colonics

Healthy Honeymoons, Erotic/Exotic Honeymoons, Adventure Honeymoons
A unique blend of each now offered


Sexual/Spiritual Integration

maui tantra sacred sexualityMany people in our culture have been raised with negative attitudes towards sex. If we are honest, few of us are truly comfortable with our bodies and with the free expression of our sexuality. Many of us have been affected by child abuse, rape or the shaming of our bodies–all the result of sex-negative cultural energy.

It is my belief that if we feel discomfort or negativity about our sexuality, we have no connection with who we really are. In order to live in harmony with others, we must first connect to the harmony within ourselves.

My work in Sexual/Spiritual Integration is to change the charge on sexuality from negative to positive. My goal is to help you become fully aware and at ease with your presence– understanding that in every moment that you breathe, you are a fully sexual being.

We have spent long enough talking and hiding our heads. It is time to come fully into our bodies. My sessions involve holding, conscious breathing and intimate touch techniques.

sacred sexualityIn each lesson, I create a safe, warm and nurturing environment in which we raise and explore this erotic energy in your body.

You may experience the exhilarating sensation of connecting to the deepest parts of yourself–parts that you suspected were present but never before fully realized.


I guarantee that during your time with me, you will never be violated–only honored and met for who you are. Boundaries are clarified and honored. It is simply a meeting in which you are to be guided as you explore– in which you respond both to touching and being touched.

If my words resonate with you, I invite you to contact me so we can explore the possibilities of working together.

Venus Transiting Sun, Full Moon Rising June 2012~ Maui Sunset

Venus, Goddess of Love passed across the face of the sun on June 5 (North America).  It is among that rarest of planetary alignments and only 7 transits of Venus since the invention of the telescope. It took Venus about 6 hours to complete its journey looking like a small black dot moving across the face of the Sun. It will not happen again until 2117. As we were viewing Venus with our welders glasses, this dazzling rainbow appeared over head in the distance!

The last transit was in 2004. The last one before that was in 1882 — which means that probably nobody you ever met saw the last one. Transits of Venus are very rare, happen in pairs, and only happen with the Earth and Venus are aligned with the Sun. Usually Venus is above or below the Sun because our two orbits are a little off from each other. Transits occur in pairs 8 years apart, with transits alternating between 105.5 and 121.5 years and we are experiencing the 2nd transit of this pair.

It’s really quite interesting as a person, even more interesting to scientists astronomically, cuz there won’t be another Venus transit for another 105 years and most of us probably won’t be around to view it.

Panoramic Vista from Kam 2 Maui


Maui Sunset June 2012


Full Moon Rising Over Haleakala, Maui


Maui’s Humpback Whales Watch Devaka

With Brown Chicken Brown Cow aboard our sailboat, Aveia, we truly had a shindig dosey-doe-ing with the whales…


Devaka Dancing with Dolphriends

Each morning I have a ritual bath in the ocean, always acknowledging the wonderful life I  get to encounter.

Here I am dancing with my dolphriends ;~)

Summer in Mount Shasta

Maui Tantra in Nature

Summer in Shasta is obviously the best time to be there. So much incredible nature to enjoy. Not only one of the world’s most majestic mountains but cold glacial melt streams of running with pure drinkable waters, rivers to bathe and cool off in, mineral hotsprings, alpine meadows to campout in. And of course, mountain lions, bears and coyotes, oh my! Maui Tantra peaks…

Maui Tantra Meets Masters

Speaking of which, I met beautiful souls who travel the world to get to this pristine home of  the Ascended Masters.

Thus lots of spiritual journeying… AUM……Om Shanti…..Ommmmm

Maui Tantra Mounts Shasta

It’s fun being Eco-Sexual.
Yahoo Maui Tantra!

maui tantra









maui tantra

Halloween in San Francisco ~ Masquerotica!

Having a blast in the Bay Area in my Brass~Bulleted Brassiere.


Current Location: MAUI

Here I am, dancing with the dolphins at my secret location ;o)

This was from when I just came back from the Catalyst Community Dance Event.

Hawaiian Blessing For Obama’s Inauguration

Contacted by Marie Diamond Feng Shui Master in the best selling New Age Video “The Secret”, Devaka helped organize this gathering on the Big Island at Pu’uhonua o Honaunau, the Place of Refuge with Kahuna Auntie Aka in celebration of Obama’s Inauguration January 20th 2009. As we were gathering on the black lava flats of the southern Kona Coast late that afternoon, the whales showed up to share their joy and celebrate the new President.

“Pu’uhonua was a sanctuary that provided the people with a second chance. No blood could be shed within its confines. But who sought new life here and what had they done? Some were the non-combatants during the war. The object of war in thoses days was to exterminate the enemy, which included anyone who belonged to the opposing side. Those too old,too young, or unable to fight could find safety in the sanctuary. Defeated warriors also came where they could wait in safety until the battle was over. Then there were those who had broken the kapu. According to the kapu, a common person could not look at or get close to the chief, walk in the chief’s footsteps, touch the chief’s possessions, or let his shadow fall on the palace grounds. Everyday activities too were regulated by the kapu. Women could not eat certain foods reserved for offerings to the gods, nor could they prepared meals for men or even eat with them…When a kapu was broken the penalty was always death. Otherwise the gods might react violently, perhaps with volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, famine, drought or earthquakes. To protect themselves from catastrophies, the people pursued the kapu breaker until he was caught and put to death- or until he made his way to pu’uhonua. If he did reach a pu’uhonua, a ceremony of absolution was performed by the kahuna pule (priest).” The offender could then reutrn home safely, usually within a few hours or by the next day. The spirit of the pu’uhonua was respected by all. In the spirit of aloha from Hawaii Nei, the 50th state & the birth place of our 44th President Auntie Aka performed a sacred Hawaiian blessing.