Devaka At Sunset


Maui Tantra Massage Sensual fbsm

I AM the fulfillment of men and women

being fully self-expressive of the celebration of sexuality

in an ecstatically playful and totally sacred way

so their union revitalizes and their life-force

reverberates the planet to new dimensions.

Life transforms in my presence.

I AM Embodied.

I AM the Wish-Fulfilling Gem.

I AM Kundalini Shakti-Ma.


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Devaka, Radiant Light One

With 20 years of multidisciplinary professional training in psychology, yoga, bodywork, meditation and the healing arts, Devaka has developed a unique wholistic physio-psychotherapy.

I create an experience that transcends preconceived limiting beliefs and once you’re clear of them — that is, once you experience energetic freedom — the ego is out of the way — now you can simply live out of that space. I work to assist you in experiencing the place beyond your blocks -be it sexual, emotional, physical, mental.  Anchoring you in that place of truth, you can either remain there indefinitely or at least learn how to be more fluid.

I am already so full to bursting with Love-Light, Bliss and  Joy.  Blessing  you with these divine truths gently and with great respect, I have a lot to share.

It is my pleasure to open you to these ancient secrets.

I keep working to assist you to carve a pathway deeper and deeper into that realm where you can eventually peacefully rest in that space of freedom and feel relief from restricting patterns.

  • Re-membering yourself, your natural origins:
  • Increases committment/connection to the innate/to live in pleasure and ease teaches relaxation that lasts.
  • Releases chronic pain and holding patterns and restrictions
  • Educates you about your emotional/physical chronic holding patterns
  • Deepen your breath improve your posture and flexibility
  • Augment your coordination and athletic performance
  • Open the inner flute/central channel
  • Connect you to higher self