Devaka At Sunset

Personal Guide

Are you on Maui alone and want a playmate, a dinner companion, accompaniment to Little Beach, or simply wanting to be a part of Maui’s Magical Mystery Tour that lives in the moment to moment flow and isnt written in any of the tourist handouts? (wowee!)

Yes, I am offering myself as your personal tour guide: to little known power places, labyrinths, medicine wheels, treehouses, vacation rentals,house parties, boattrips, dolphin rendezvous, clubs, restaurants, house bands, jungle boogies, sacred journeys,etc.

Allow me to intuitively guide you whether it be for a day, a week or two or simply an evening.

My sessions may also be capped off my exquisite integrative bodywork that realigns your body, heart and soul with the newest magical input and return to your home-base truly renewed by the powerful adventure you were privy to on Maui.

Whether you are seeking the best bodyworker for your personal needs or wanting to know which yoga class is the most attuned your level to interest.

Whether you are seeking a secluded clothing optional beach or simply a grassy knoll with a sunset vista.

Going on a business trip alone?

Feeling uncomfortable navigating in some foreign country you’ve never been to?

Allow me to accompany you.


My travels have brought me to the far ends of this world and I have brought the techniques and the wisdom of many paths.